How to get through Holidays after Divorce? 

Whether it’s your first, second, or third Thanksgiving after Divorce, making arrangements and navigating plans requires a little extra effort, especially when children are involved. 

Be ready to create new traditions and prepare for challenges. Holidays can be tricky after Divorce. Please read some of our advice on how to get the most out of your holiday experience. 

Be ready for complex emotions from your kids.

Children react to divorce differently, prepare for feelings of sadness and anger from them. Recognize their emotions even if it’s difficult and allow them a safe space to open up and express themselves. In doing so, you help them process and heal from the Divorce. 

Lead By Example

During the holiday of thanks, show your family and friends how grateful you are for their love and support. It may seem hard not to get sad. Refrain from isolating yourself. Reach out to the people who matter. Recognize the positives in your life, everything you’re grateful for, and model to your kids how to cope with the separation.

Keep Up Holiday Customs After Divorce

We encourage the clients we service in Marietta and sounding areas to keep up with as many of their holiday traditions as possible. Caring about regular customs will help you and your kids acclimate to all the changes after the separation. Sometimes this means leaving one parent out; when possible, it means being around your ex. Continue making memories and exemplifying to your kids that they come first!

Start New Traditions

When being around your ex is unbearable or simply impossible, create new customs for yourself and your kids! Give your kids the chance to connect and relax in different ways. By moving forward, you show your kids the positives of creating a new life. 

Kids and parents enjoying thanksgiving- Thanksgiving after Divorce tips from Attorney Sean Whitworth

Co-Parent and Keep It Cordial 

Work with your ex and encourage your kids to interact with them freely. Ask about the extended family plans and stay connected with them when possible. Build a new relationship with your ex that allows for respected boundaries and healthy interactions for the kids. 

Treat yourself After Divorce!

There will likely be times when you find yourself alone over the holidays. Plan for this and take advantage of the free time. Relax at home, get a massage, go shopping, take yourself out, meet with friends, and enjoy yourself no matter what you do. 

Feeling supported during this time is so important. Reach out to your friends, let them know you want to hang out and be a part of plans. Use the holidays as a way to connect and make memories. Be gentle to yourself and anticipate different reactions from those around you. 

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