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The Law Offices of Sean R. Whitworth
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 93 reviews
 by Anonymous

Sean is a by far the best family/divorce attorney that you will never come across! He listens to his clients,seeks to understand each situation (as everyone's is different) and then customizes his approach to best fit the solution. Should you have to go to court, he is a bulldog in the best way ever and watching him in court is a sight to see!! You really cannot find the better lawyer to support you and partner with you to get out of your case what you are looking for!

 by Chris

Sean was a unbelievable attorney. He fought for me to the bitter end 1 hr till we had to go to court and closed the case with my ex wife’s attorney. Michelle’s and Aurielle were wonderful , very responsive whenever I called or needed anything . I would highly recommend Sean and his office. Sean is a go getter and will not back down till he can get you what he feels is the best for your situation. Sean stuck with my case for almost 2 years never charged me more money and was highly professional and knew exactly what was best for my situation. If you ever need attorney please contact Sean and his office .

Thank You for all your help and knowledge Sean,Michelle, Aurielle

Chris C

Thank you so much for this review!

 by Martha
The best Attorney ever!!!

I want to start this by saying “GOD BLESSED Sean R. Whitworth” and thank you so much for everything you did for me and my case!!

I highly recommend having him as your attorney he really cares about his clients and his knowledge of the law makes him your best ally. He will represent you and your interests with exceptional professionalism.

I’d like to explain my case a little bit for you to understand what I mean wen I say that Sean R. Whitworth is the best!!

So a couple of years ago, I was divorced with the help of this amazing attorney, and everything went fine basically my ex-husband never responded to the divorce he never cared about it,
He just ignored it completely he was telling me that I was a liar and that I was not divorcing him, he decided not to respond the divorce.

So the time for court came and I went to court, my ex-husband did not show up, so the judge gave me everything I asked for. A year and some months pass and I get served, I was being sued by my ex-husband asking to set aside the divorce decree.

His allegations where that I committed fraud in my divorce and wanted the divorce decree to be set aside. I freaked out .

So I called Sean and told him what was going on and he told me to RELAX , he told me he did his job perfectly good according to the law and that there was nothing to worry about .

So the court date comes and we have it thru zoom, and it was just me and Sean; my ex-husband had brought several witnesses and his lawyer, so his lawyer starts bringing stuff up and Sean completely shut her down, telling her that everything she was talking about had nothing to do with the case and that this was a waste of time and told her that she was wasting the courts time as well, Sean’s arguments were so perfect he even pulled out laws from the book showing that he had done everything according to the law , he proceeded to tell the judge that this was all part of the abuse I was being put thru by my ex-husband and that he did not want to leave me alone even after I’ve filed multiple TPO’s that have been granted against him, and that this was just to intimidate me even more.

So after the judge heard both parties he came to the conclusion that there was no fraud being made by us and that setting aside the divorce decree was DENIED and that everything was left the same, I’m eternally thankful for Sean R. Whitworth .

I highly recommended having him at your corner when it really matters .

We can't say enough about how much we appreciate your kind words.

 by Natasha S

I am not sure where to even begin but I will try. Sean has given me my life back. He worked with me for four years. I am a proud single mom of four kids. We now have no more abuse in our lives all thanks to him. He taught me more than he will ever know. I learned confidence, courage and strength. Every time he stepped inside that courtroom, he won ! He's the Pitbull lawyer you want by your side. He also has an amazing paralegal named Michelle that is his saving grace. Hiring him is the best decision anyone could make.
Thank you Sean and Michelle from the bottom of my heart.

Wow, thanks so much Natasha

 by Elena Tsukanova

My experience with Sean and his team was great. He’s an absolute winner in the courtroom. Just like in the movies. Highly professional and affordable. He won’t stretch the case or give fake promises. His experience allows him to give you clear answers and predict the results. I’m honored to recommend his services to public.

Thanks a million for our review!

 by Darryl Mifflin
Darryl M.

I am a single father who has been fighting for my rights with my son for years now. When I reached out to Sean he accepted my case with no hesitation. We didn't get to speak much because of our work schedules. But let me tell you watching him in court was like watching Matlock. LOL he was awesome and was very professional. We won the case and I can't thank you enough for what you did for me. Thank You!!

Thanks Darryl

 by A. Rogers
Best Decision I could have made!

I was very nervous walking in for a consultation due to past experience and the fear that he probably couldn't help my situation much. By the time I left his office I was confident that Attorney Whitworth was who I needed to represent me and my daughter. He and his team were great to work with(shout out to his legal assistant and Michelle). Child support and custody modification have been a very long journey that have finally come to an end. What a weight lifted!! Thank you for accepting my case and doing everything that you said you would do. It's been a long time coming.....

Thanks so much for your review we appreciate you.

 by Sharece Berry
I highly recommend Attorney Whitworth!!!!

I had a very complicated divorce and he came on board willing to get me everything I deserved. His communication was prompt, and he followed up with me every step of the way. The level of professionalism his firm exhibited was unparalleled. I am officially divorced due to his expeditious service while being completely thorough in the process. Thanks Again

 by Mikila Browley
Did Not Disappoint

At the start of my journey I was nervous to say the least about selecting good legal representation. Needless to say Sean and his team did not disappoint they were so helpful, understanding, and patient with me and my "unique" situation. No matter the obstacles thrown at us Sean and his team handled every single one with professionalism. And to seal the deal his price is very reasonable, especially for the quality of service he and his team provide.

 by Tameka Roberts
I Will Never Forget How Ya'll Took Care Of Me

Sean is the best and his team I will recommend anyone to him because he do his work his team works hard they search and pull up loop holes you never heard of love you Sean .I will never forget how y'all took care of me. He is a good criminal defense attorney.

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