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Top Family Law Services in Marietta Georgia

Our Family Law Firm is located in Marietta Georgia. We have been a part of the local community for over a decade and are proud to be named one of the Top Law Firms in the area. Our guiding principles are strong advocacy without adding to the devastation that is inherent in domestic issues.  Our goal is to protect clients from this devastation as much as possible and allow them to begin their new life while ensuring that they receive caring and tenacious representation at all time. We strive to win every time and have a proven track record of success. Attorney Sean R. Whitworth maintains a consistent online rating of 4.5 and above.

Family Law & Divorce Law Services Appointment Request for Attorney Sean R. Whitworth in Marietta - Flat FeesFamily Law and domestic relations is a broad category of law dealing with a multitude of issues and litigation. This does include divorce; however, it also includes issues before and after divorce and many that are not the result of divorce. These issues may include a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement for individuals concerned with protecting their assets during a possible divorce; issues of contempt to enforce orders of the court not being followed by one or both of the parties; modifications of orders dealing with custody visitation and/or support both child support and spousal alimony; issues of paternity and custody necessary to determine the biological parent and the support obligations that are inherent in this action; adoptions whether consensual or not, which can be brought by a relative; guardianships and power of attorneys, necessary for temporary arrangements; protective orders necessary as the result of domestic violence; juvenile matters of dependency and deprivation, which can be private actions or actions initiated by the state through the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS); and legitimation actions with all of the issues of visitation, custody and support necessary for preserving the legal rights of fathers.

What is included in our Family Law Services? 

The practice of Family Law and domestic relations often deals with other issues such as tax issues, and real estate issues. It is important that your Family Law Practitioner is versed in all of these issues as well.

The field of Family Law is broad in its scope and it is litigation; which means that the attorney who practices in the field of family law must not only have the knowledge and legal intellect to deal with the procedure and statutes in all of the above matters they must have the skill and experience to present those matters in the courtroom.

Family Law and Divorce Law - Sean R. Whitworth

Family Law can be the most intimate, emotional and demanding practice of law in all legal specialties. There is no other field of law that requires such a broad range of expertise on multiple issues that so dramatically affect a client on a personal level. This is not litigation over money owed, contracts breached or damage suffered as the result of an accident, this is litigation to end a marriage, decide the fate of children and assist in the financial well-being of all parties in the future. This is personal law and law that has an immediate and direct effect on people and children’s lives. It is essential that when hiring a family law attorney, you find someone who has the knowledge and experience to handle all of the issues above and make those issues a reality in the courtroom.

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