I Cheated on My Spouse in Atlanta: How Can That Impact My Divorce?

Recently, a client came to me with the question How can cheating on my spouse in Atlanta impact my divorce? I decided to write a blog with the answers to this very common question.

I cheated on my spouse in Atlanta .. how can that impact my divorce


 If you’ve found yourself saying, “I cheated on my spouse in Atlanta,” it’s essential to understand how this action can significantly impact the various aspects of your divorce proceedings in Georgia. Adultery can affect everything from alimony and the equitable division of assets to child custody decisions. Given the legal complexities and the potential consequences, navigating a divorce in the Atlanta metro area, where family dynamics, local laws, and even societal attitudes might uniquely intersect, requires a nuanced approach.

The Legal Impact of Cheating/Adultery in Atlanta Area Cities

I cheated on my spouse in Atlanta

Alimony: A Clear-Cut Issue, but ultimately it’s always up to the judge 

In Georgia, the law is quite straightforward when it comes to alimony and adultery. According to OCGA §19-6-1(b), if your adultery is the direct cause of the divorce, you are barred from receiving alimony. This holds true regardless of your financial situation. For instance, if a lower-earning spouse commits adultery, they can face the consequence of not receiving alimony from a higher-earning partner, emphasizing the weight of fidelity in Georgia’s divorce proceedings.

Equitable Division of Assets

When it comes to dividing assets during a divorce, Georgia courts strive for what is equitable, not necessarily equal. Adultery can play a significant role in how assets are divided, especially if it contributed to the breakdown of the marriage. Judges may decide that the non-adulterous spouse deserves a larger share of marital assets, considering the circumstances surrounding the divorce.

Child Custody Considerations

Child custody decisions are guided by the best interests of the children involved. In Georgia, this means that a judge may factor in any relevant issues, including adultery, when determining custody arrangements. If adultery has occurred in situations that directly impact the children, such as in their presence, it could significantly influence the court’s decision, potentially jeopardizing custody rights.

The Importance of Evidence

It’s crucial to be aware that in Georgia, all forms of communication, whether private or in an open forum, can be subpoenaed by a judge as evidence of adultery. This includes social media messages, phone records, WhatsApp chats, and emails. The digital footprint of an affair can be substantial and can serve as compelling evidence in court proceedings.

Navigating Divorce After Adultery

The ramifications of admitting, “I cheated on my spouse in Atlanta,” extend beyond personal guilt or relationship breakdowns; they infiltrate legal outcomes and future family dynamics. Given the potentially severe consequences of adultery on divorce outcomes in the Atlanta metro area, consulting with an experienced family law attorney is not just advisable; it’s imperative. Sean R. Whitworth can provide the necessary guidance and representation to navigate the complexities of your case, especially in the Atlanta area where local expertise can make a significant difference. 

In Summary…I cheated on my spouse in Atlanta 

The impact of adultery on divorce proceedings in Georgia is profound and multifaceted, potentially affecting alimony, asset division, and child custody. If you’re facing a divorce where adultery is a factor, prioritizing legal counsel is crucial to protect your interests and those of your children. Scheduling a consultation with Attorney Sean R. Whitworth and team is the first step to getting proper legal guidance for your divorce. If you live in the Atlanta area and a getting a divorce here, you should always hire a Family Law Attorney experienced and familiar with the Atlanta metro area’s specific legal landscape. 

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