Top Mistakes Newly Separated Couples Make During Divorce Proceedings

13 ACTIONS you should avoid when you are newly separated! 

Going through a Divorce? There are rules newly separated couples need to follow while going through the divorce proceedings.

Newly separated folks often do and say things that they will regret in the future. Emotional outbursts and acts in the name of “Pay Back” are often the causes of money lost, child custody at risk and even folks getting hurt physically.

The ...

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If you are the victim of harassment or abuse by an individual the State of Georgia provides for protective orders.  There are two types of protective orders, a family violence protective order and a stalking protective order. Many times during the stress and emotions of a divorce one or both parties will turn to the court for relief for protection because of violence or intimidating behavior. The domestic family protective order is a very powerful tool for ...

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A Temporary Protective Order (TPO) is a legal document issued by a court to help victims obtain protection from persons abusing, harassing, or stalking them. A TPO will generally prohibit contact between parties and may remove or restrict someone from a certain place or residence. Once there has been a recent act of family violence the Superior Court of your county can direct you to the agency or office that will help you complete a ...

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