Push the delete button!

Social media is a wonderful format to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, to stay relevant as a business; however, it is the worst place to post your private moments and those moments that may not be so funny years from now. As a domestic attorney I cannot tell you how often I have used individual’s information found on Facebook or other social media outlets against them when proving claims of destructive behavior, adultery or just unfitness as a parent. Yet again and again I am able to garner information from individuals who think it is a wise idea to put pictures of themselves in provocative situations. Often people think they can protect their privacy and control who has access to their private photos and stories and I assure you this is not true. Many people you think are friends inevitably feel justified, for whatever reason, to share the information which you allow them access. Remember what you put in the public forum can and will be used against you in the court of law. So if you are facing potential litigation, especially domestic litigation, or fear you may in the future, be very aware that those moments of partying, those moments of tirades, those moments in which you share a dark secret and all of those photos will be used as evidence against you.