Don’t Abandon the Family


When the marriage disintegrates to divorce and you are asked or decide to leave the family home your obligations do not end by simply leaving. In Georgia it is actually a misdemeanor to leave your children and not provide support and a possible felony if you leave the state. This is a criminal statute outside of the relief provided by child support services. What this means is that the spouse left to care for the children has the option to file a warrant application in Magistrate court of their county seeking the arrest of the spouse who left the children. The spouse who left the home will get notice of a hearing in magistrate court and must appear to defend themselves against the accusations. The court takes this matter very seriously and has no qualms about arresting you that day. Just because you leave and have the additional expenses of a new household you must send some support for the care of your children left behind. This will avoid a great deal of additional grief through the difficult divorce process.