When considering whether you need a lawyer for a divorce in which both parties seek to amicably separate the answer is it depends on the cost. Many people think they have an uncontested divorce and are in agreement on all of the issues involved in a divorce but as the process develops they soon find out that there are some issues that may be or become contested. So before you begin to consider the need to retain a lawyer it is essential that you at least speak with a lawyer and determine if every issue has been considered, discussed and agreed on by your spouse before assuming the matter is uncontested.

Uncontested DivorceAfter doing this and both parties seek to move forward in this manner consider yourself fortunate. This is the way to proceed and will save you months of emotional upheaval and substantial financial burdens. Now you must consider the cost. The divorce process and the correct filing of the necessary documents are some of the most important decisions in your life and it is import and that they are completed correctly and filed in the right manner. Many courts still require a court appearance and testimony from the plaintiff which preserves the record and recites what is statutorily required to be in the complaint. Often I see individuals attempt to go through this process only to be asked to leave the court room when they are unable to complete this task. If you have children there is a parenting plan, addendum in most courts, and worksheets to be completed. Often the issue of child support is the compromised position in an uncontested divorce and it is essential that these documents are filled out correctly and meet the needs of the child or children per statutory guidelines. So once again it comes down to cost. Most lawyers charge a reasonable rate for an uncontested matter and frankly these matters should not be charged an unreasonable rate. If paying $500.00 is worth saving you hours of research, document production, court insecurity and multiple attempts at finalizing the process I would highly recommend the services of an attorney. If you are being quoted ridiculous prices then I suggest you shop around as most attorneys tend to be reasonable when pricing these divorces and it is worth every penny.