Dating during divorce in Ga Alimony in Georgia

Clients frequently ask us about dating during the divorce process  and the answer is always the same. It’s not recommended and can hurt your divorce case in the state of GA 

There is no legal upside to you dating while going through a divorce in the state of Georgia and if you choose to date or be in another relationship during your divorce it can have negative consequences on your case.  There is no such thing as a “legal separation” filing in Georgia unlike some other states.  If you engage in intimacy with someone other than your spouse while married then you have committed adultery which is a fault ground for divorce in Georgia.

Dating before being divorced can negatively impact alimonychild custody, and/or parenting time.  It doesn’t mean that dating before you’re divorced can have a negative impact, you just need to be aware that there is a possibility of consequences associated with the decision to date during divorce. As a divorce lawyer, one of the goals is to prevent any avoidable  issues for clients. 

Remember if you decide to enter into a romantic relationship prior to your divorce being finalized you can hurt your case, this is especially true in contested cases. Most divorces are contested even if the initial goal is for it to be an uncontested divorce. Emotions run high, kids, marital assets and/or debts are often the reason for one of the two parties to decide to go the contested divorce route. 

Who you date during divorce is potentially discoverable. Technology is not on your side. Do you really want to provide copies of your online dating history? It’s perfectly legal for the other party to request your social media profile including private messages when needed to prove adultery or other inappropriate interactions during marriage. 

Of course, since every case is different it will require a consultation with a local Divorce Attorney to learn more about your individual case. Every county in Atlanta area is different and every court comes with a different set of Judges. Each case is unique and may result in a different analysis and outcome. Bottom line, dating during divorce is never a good idea if you are getting divorced in Georgia. 



Avoid social media conversations with potential dates or avoid dating all together during your divorce case- Attorney Sean Whitworth
Avoid romantic relations even on Social Media as it can hurt your divorce case

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