Alimony in Georgia, who is entitled?

Alimony in Georgia how does it work?

Adultery is one of the leading causes of divorce in any state, but what does Georgia Law say about this matter?  If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage due to one spouse’s indiscretion, you might be wondering whether it will affect any aspect of the divorce proceedings, including the issue of alimony.

How Adultery Can Cost ...

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Spousal Support- Are You Entitled to Alimony in Marietta Georgia?

Spousal Support

The short answer to that question is that it is up to the Superior Court. Under certain circumstances, it can be decided that alimony or spousal support is necessary because they take into consideration the contribution of each spouse.

Who cared for the kids? Who supported the other’s career? Who made most of the income?

In Marietta, Georgia, alimony or spousal ...

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Practicing Law is a Privilege

Are We Practicing Law Or Selling Used Cars?

Practicing Law is a privilege that requires setting proper expectations with each and every client.

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Georgia Law & Adultery….Cheat and lose your right to Alimony!



image1Most people come to my office with dozens of texts, emails and recorded conversations anxious to show that their spouse is committing adultery. They have seen the shows in which a nervous spouse is forced to admit their infidelity on the stand as they face a scornful judge. ...

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I was in court a few days ago trying to resolve a case in which my client is in Afghanistan and could not come to court yet he was desperate to finalize his divorce, realizing that we needed to get the matter resolved and would not without the agreement of the wife I offered her alimony.  What was unusual about this is that the marriage was a very short term marriage and if he was not going ...

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