Proper Service Divorce Law in Marietta

Divorce Requires Proper Service

Often, I am in a courtroom and people without lawyers stand up, ready to get divorced. The judge reviews the file only to ask the party if there has been proper service.

The individual looks around the crowded courtroom and asks what that means. Then, they tell the court that I cannot find him or her, I have been unable to get them the complaint. The judge explains ...

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Child Custody Law – Who Gets the Children?

Georgia Family Law – Who gets the children after the Divorce? 

In Georgia, child custody law statute is actually gender neutral, in fact, it is not uncommon for fathers to get custody in Georgia.  Georgia code 19-9-3(a) (1) clearly states that in all cases in which the custody of any child is at issue between the parents, there shall be no prima-facie right to the custody of the child ...

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Georgia Child Support Law

THEY TOLD ME I DID NOT HAVE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT:  Just because you do not agree with the court’s order is never a reason to disregard the order.  Many people come to my office and are surprised when their ex-spouse files contempt against them because they did not do something that was in the final settlement agreement or parenting plan.  Their ex spouse agreed one day that they would take less support or ...

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Debts Must Be Divdied During Divorce

Debts must be divided equally alike assets in divorce

Like assets in a marriage in Georgia debts are also to be divided in equity. This means that the court will do what is considered fair when considering the division of debt. Many clients come to my office and assume that they do not have to pay any debts from the marriage as all of the credit cards were in the other spouses name and ...

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Georgia, like most states, is a no fault divorce state; which essentially means the reason for the divorce is not for the court to consider, we call this irretrievably broken or irreconcilable differences.  When a complaint is filed as a no fault cause for divorce it will usually list one of the above reasons and if there are issues to litigate they will ...

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Avoid excessive attorney fees with flat fees

How often have you been convinced to pay more for services or a product and learned to regret it shortly after receiving the work or bringing the package home.  More often than not you realize it when it is too late. There are certain items in the world in which we just feel that we are getting more simply because we are paying more. Is a Rolex a better ...

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What can I do if my Ex is leaving the state with the children?

My Ex is leaving the state with the children

Can she/he use the uniform child custody jurisdiction act?

Georgia Divorce - Child Custody Law leaving the state with my children We can’t begin to tell you how many times we hear this sentence: “My Ex is leaving the state with the children.” Most parenting ...

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The Cost of Litigation and the Process of Divorce

What are the costs associated with divorce?

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What many people never consider before they enter into divorce or post divorce litigation are the costs, both financial and emotional. This is because they fail to understand neither what they wish to achieve nor how expensive it can be to reach these goals. Sadly, many attorneys do not guide a potential client through these considerations but simply discuss how much ...

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Child Legitimation Atlanta is Required in Georgia

Most people don’t realize that Georgia requires the father of a child born out of wedlock to formally legitimate this child.  This process actually involves a formal law suit in which the parties seek relief from the Superior Court in the county of the mother.  Because of this lack of information and/or because of the cost in both financial resources and time many fathers neglect to make their children legitimate, never ...

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