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by Nina S on Blank Business Name
Excellent & Professional Lawyer

5 STAR REVIEWI just wanted to thank Mr. Sean Whitworth and his wonderful Staff Julie/Michelle. I highly recommend this law firm to everyone, because of my personal experience with them. Mr. Whitworth is a very honest, courteous, respectable Lawyer. He is very passionate about his reputation, and his relations to his clients. I experienced nothing but the best from him and his staff Julie & Michelle. They handled every aspect of my case in a timely efficient manner, and provided me with excellency and the utmost respect from day one. After having encountered negative experiences with other lawyers, it was very refreshing when i met with Mr. Whitworth for the first time. It didnt take me long to make a decision in chosing him to represent me. He was very honest in providing me with details regarding my case, his fees were very reasonable, and he worked with me. In the end, i am very pleased with the services he provided to me as a client. There is a uniqueness about him as a lawyer, his eyes can tell you that he cares. I would highly recommend him to everyone i know that needs a GREAT LAWYER…Thank you Mr. Whitworth, Julie and Michelle. Mr Whitworth, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr. Whitworth for his hardwork and commitment with my case. I’ve had custody of my son since he was 4 years old. In 2015, at the age of 8, his biological mom decided she was ready to be a mother and took him away. Not knowing my rights, I was limited with what I could and couldn’t do. I reached out to Mr. Whitworth, explained my story with all details. He then told me that I have a great case and that with time, we would get my son back. After the first hearing, my son was able to return home for a temporary order. During this time, Mr. Whitworth continued to work on my case so we would be prepared for the final hearing. After a long year, the final hearing was scheduled. Mr. Whitworth presented all of the documents and preparation to the opposing attorney. They quickly conceded and agreed to making the temporary order a permanent order. I appreciate everything he did for me during that year and a half period. He remained in contact with me through out the entire process. He walked me through how everything would look and gave me tremendous confidence in him and the system. Once again I would like to say thank you to Mr. Sean Whitworth. I don’t know where me and my family would be without you. Thanks again!!!

by Placida R. on Blank Business Name

After all of the attorneys I spoke with, I feel very confident with Sean handling my divorce.

by Christina G. on Blank Business Name

Sean was very helpful during a stressful time in my life.He made himself available and was very honest.

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

I hired Sean because of his “rate” and favorable reviews. I have 4 children and was faced with a complicated and messy divorce due to the disposition of my marriage. Not only was I divorced in a matter of months, my settlement exceeded my own expectations!Sean is caring and discreet and he has his clients best interest on his mind. I would recommend Sean Whitworth!

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name
Knowledgeable and understanding

I hired Sean for a divorce and contested custody case. He was very knowledgeable and understanding. He helped me get Custody of my son. It was a great experience. I highly recommend Sean to anyone needing legal help with a divorce.

by Fredy P on Blank Business Name
Oustanding Service

If you are looking for a excellent lawyer Mr. Whitworth is the right person. You won’t regret to hire his office because he is a truly gentleman, an excellent professional and very honest! I was really happy that I found Sean because he was a real counselor to me.

The longest case with the best Attorney- Sean Whitworth

Was involved in one of the longest and most frustrating divorce cases I have heard of. At stake for me was access to my daughter. Sean was an advocate for me during this process at a reasonable rate. My Ex-wife spent lots of money on her lawyer for a case that should never have gone to court. Sean was always encouraging to resolve this through mediation rather than waste money in court. The end result was I got more time with my daughter. Sean stuck with it over the 5 years it took to finish.I am grateful to Sean for sticking with this and its a shame that other attorneys are more focused on padding Bills rather than solving issues in a timely manner through a difficult personal time.

Thanks for writing us the review! We appreciate you;.

by Yolanda M. on Blank Business Name

Sean is one amazing attorney. He is a shark in the courtroom, the opposing side will not know what hit them. You will not regret hiring Sean at all, as his rate are very flexible. All worries went away after the first initial meeting and the stress of going to court was minimal. I am grateful to have worked with Sean on my case. With all of the drama and cockiness from my ex, Sean told me that we would be the ones with the last laugh and boy did we! Thanks Sean!

Thanks Yolanda! We love great reviews and appreciate your time and effort to write this!

Sean represented me in a custody battle for my daughter. My daughter’s mother had full custody and I was paying child support. We gathered very good eye witness accounts and evidence that my daughter was in danger while in her mothers care. Sean expeditiously set a court date. At the very first court appearance I was given physical custody of my daughter and her mother was only to see her under supervised visitation. Every case is different and with mine the evidence and witnesses played a big part in our success. However, Sean’s knowledge and practical use of the law with authority and assertiveness gave us the edge we needed to have our case heard, despite the other attorneys efforts to have a continuance. The way Sean laid out the case forced the other Attorney to yield to our demands. That initial victory set the stage for me to win full custody of my daughter and ensure her safety and well being. Words cannot express my gratitude. Sean is one of the greatest attorneys I have ever met. You want Sean Whitworth on your side.

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