Georgia Child Support Law

THEY TOLD ME I DID NOT HAVE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT:  Just because you do not agree with the court’s order is never a reason to disregard the order.  Many people come to my office and are surprised when their ex-spouse files contempt against them because they did not do something that was in the final settlement agreement or parenting plan.  Their ex spouse agreed one day that they would take less support or ...

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What can I do if my Ex is leaving the state with the children?

My Ex is leaving the state with the children

Can she/he use the uniform child custody jurisdiction act?

Georgia Divorce - Child Custody Law leaving the state with my children We can’t begin to tell you how many times we hear this sentence: “My Ex is leaving the state with the children.” Most parenting ...

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Georgia Law & Adultery….Cheat and lose your right to Alimony!



image1Most people come to my office with dozens of texts, emails and recorded conversations anxious to show that their spouse is committing adultery. They have seen the shows in which a nervous spouse is forced to admit their infidelity on the stand as they face a scornful judge. ...

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Custody Laws in Georgia

My Ex Left Our Kids With Me Do I Still Have To Pay Child Support?

The short answer is yes. As long as there is a Georgia court order for child support payments, you are still legally required to make those payments until such order is modified (by you).
Do not assume that the support payments stop automatically. Often people come to my office faced with a ...

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Custodial Arrangements

Often, people come to my office and tell me that they have settled on the issue of custody and it will be a joint arrangement. Custodial arrangements, though, aren’t as simple as they seem. Parents assume that joint custody in Georgia means that they will share custody of their children. However, in Georgia you must specify between legal and physical custody. 


Usually in Georgia legal custody is ...

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Beware the Judge

Beware the Judge

Beware the Judge. When you decide to litigate your matter consider that you are placing the decisions as to who will raise your children, when you will visit them, who will make basic day to day decisions and how will years of accumulated assets be divided all with an individual who does not know you or care about you.  This person is the judge.

We are raised to believe that judges have some sort of superior ...

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Push the delete button!

Social media is a wonderful format to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, to stay relevant as a business; however, it is the worst place to post your private moments and those moments that may not be so funny years from now. As a domestic attorney I cannot tell you how often I have used individual’s information found on Facebook or other social media outlets against them when proving claims of destructive behavior, adultery or ...

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Here at Law Offices of Sean R. Whitworth we understand that DUI charges in Georgia are serious.

Many Atlanta drivers are forced to commute daily and though many counties are very close, they are not close enough after having as little as two beers. As a Marietta and Atlanta based Attorney, it is clear how many professionals are subjected to the commute. Occasional meetings after work that include alcohol are common, but can have serious consequences. We urge ...

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The short answer is yes if they are 14 years old; however, the issue is a bit more complex than this.  In Georgia a child at 14 once was able to make a final determination regarding a custody decision.  Today a child at 14 can still make this determination, but the court will still look at the best interest of the child. Usually this is not an issue unless the parent the child chooses to live with ...

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