The Cost of Litigation and the Process of Divorce

What are the costs associated with divorce?

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What many people never consider before they enter into divorce or post divorce litigation are the costs, both financial and emotional. This is because they fail to understand neither what they wish to achieve nor how expensive it can be to reach these goals. Sadly, many attorneys do not guide a potential client through these considerations but simply discuss how much ...

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Child Legitimation Atlanta is Required in Georgia

Most people don’t realize that Georgia requires the father of a child born out of wedlock to formally legitimate this child.  This process actually involves a formal law suit in which the parties seek relief from the Superior Court in the county of the mother.  Because of this lack of information and/or because of the cost in both financial resources and time many fathers neglect to make their children legitimate, never ...

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How To Choose a Divorce AttorneyWhen facing the reality of a divorce most people realize that they will need an attorney to navigate the process.   The dilemma they have is choosing which attorney is best for them.  The relationship between a client and an attorney in litigated matters is a very personal relationship and during the months and sometimes years ...

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Transfer of Property During a Divorce

Transfer of property during divorce

Transfer of Property During a Divorce

During the divorce process the individuals will always have to deal with the division of the home and vehicles and it is essential that the parties understand how these assets are divided. Other than the retirement accounts these assets are the most significant properties most couples have acquired and ...

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Prenuptial Agreements in Greater Atlanta

Prenuptial AgreementsGeorgia does honor prenuptial agreements and they will be enforced.  One consideration in Georgia is that this is not a community property state and the court does not consider all assets when deciding the distribution of marital property.  The court can only consider those assets accumulated during the marriage and then must consider equitable distribution.  ...

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Do I Need a Lawyer for Uncontested Divorce?

When considering whether you need a lawyer for a divorce in which both parties seek to amicably separate the answer is it depends on the cost. Many people think they have an uncontested divorce and are in agreement on all of the issues involved in a divorce but as the process develops they soon find out that there are some issues that may be or become contested. So before you begin to consider the need to retain ...

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Custody Laws in Georgia

My Ex Left Our Kids With Me Do I Still Have To Pay Child Support?

The short answer is yes. As long as there is a Georgia court order for child support payments, you are still legally required to make those payments until such order is modified (by you).
Do not assume that the support payments stop automatically. Often people come to my office faced with a ...

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Custodial Arrangements

Often, people come to my office and tell me that they have settled on the issue of custody and it will be a joint arrangement. Custodial arrangements, though, aren’t as simple as they seem. Parents assume that joint custody in Georgia means that they will share custody of their children. However, in Georgia you must specify between legal and physical custody. 


Usually in Georgia legal custody is ...

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