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The Law Offices of Sean Whitworth offers a Flat Fee System

The Law Offices of Sean Whitworth is located in Marietta Ga with access to a second location in Midtown Atlanta. All services are billed on an agreed upon Flat Fee. Legal services and the retaining of an attorney is the only purchase a person makes in which they agree to the product without finalizing the price.  When an individual purchases a home or an automobile they know how much they are paying; when they seek the care of a physician they know what a surgery will cost.  

Family Law Flat Fee System

Divorce is stressful, let us help you a by offering complimentary consults and a flat fee rate.

When a person sits with an attorney they are told how much they will be billed but not the cost of the services.  Because of this many clients discover in the midst of their case that they can no longer continue to afford the litigation. To their detriment they begin receiving invoices from their attorney that they cannot afford, they have already paid thousands for the work performed, and now their attorney withdraws from the matter for unpaid fees, leaving them without legal fees or representation.   Sadly, very few legal consumers seek a commitment from their attorney regarding a number of fees expected based on the desired result of the case.  Matters tend to be emotional and parties seek satisfaction without realizing the financial pain they may face pursuing these matters.  

Most attorneys have done enough cases to know the possible financial obligations necessary to litigate a matter; however, when you are making three hundred dollars an hour is there really an incentive to discuss overall financial costs, limit those costs or commit to a flat rate. We believe that we can help achieve the best possible outcome and not over charge by implementing the Flat Fee System.

We want to educate our potential clients, the rest is easy!

Flat Fee System for Family and Divorce Law in Marietta GA take the guessing out once and for all

We offer the Flat Fee System for Divorce & Family Law services to help our clients deal with legal expenses. We want to educate our potential clients, the rest is easy. This office will discuss the reality of each situation and expected a result, but more importantly, we are one of the few law offices in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding area that will work on flat fees. We have litigated hundreds of matters and because of this experience, we are able to set a realistic budget for both our clients and ourselves that works for all parties. We spend the time necessary to understand the matter and listen to the client’s expectations and are able to commit to flat fees.  We stay in constant communication with our clients and if there is an unexpected turn that increases the cost of the case, we are responsible.  If we exceed our estimate, our office, not the client, assumes the cost.  After all, if your lawyer cannot be trusted to keep their word on fees, are they worth entrusting with your case, especially when that case may go on for months with no commitment on pricing from your attorney? 

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